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garden fencing by Paul Timms Fencing
domestic garden fencing by Paul Timms Fencing in Middlesex

Established fencers Paul Timms and Darren Miles with over 50 years combined fencing experience, based in Northwood, Middlesex.

Areas covered include, London, West Herts, South Bucks and Middlesex.

Offering complete service, including design, supply and installation of high quality materials.

All types of domestic garden fencing

Close Board, Larch Lap, Omega Lattice Panels, Pallisade

Trellis and decorative panels

Pergolas, pagodas and decking

Iron railings and gates made to measure

Farm fencing including maneges

Security fencing, steel palisade

Sports fencing, tennis courts

Free quotations available.

For a professional, friendly and competitive fencing experience:

Phone:01923 826127
Mobile:07990 715818